Overconfidence by Howard Pyle

A peacock sat on ye garden wall
(See picture here to ye right),
An ye folk came crowding-great and small
For it chanced that none in ye town at all
Had ever seen such a sight
If you’d have been there perhaps you’d have heard
Ye folk talk thus, as they looked at ye bird:

“O crickety!–Law!–
O jimmeny me!–
I never yet saw!–
Who ever did see
Such a beautiful sight in the world before,
Since ye animals marched from ye old ark door?
O! Look at ye spots
In his tail! And ye lots
Of green and of blue in his beautiful wings!
I’d give a new shilling to know if he sings!”

Ye peacock says, “Surely, they’ll greatly rejoice
To hear but a touch of my delicate voice.”

“O dear! O dear!–
O stop it!–O do!–
We never did hear
Such a hullballoo!
‘Tis worse than ye noise that ye carpenters make
When they sharpen their saws!–Now, for charity’s sake,
Give over this squalling,
And catermawalling!”
Cried all ye good people who chanced to be near;
Each thrusting a finger-tip into each ear.

You see ye poor dunce had attempted to shine
In a way that was out of his natural line.

H. Pyle.

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