Onward Courageously by J. S. Adams

Story type: Literature

BEND thee to action-nerve thee to duty!
Whate’er it may be, never despair!
God reigns on high,–pray to him truly,
He will an answer give to thy prayer.
Shrinketh thyself from crosses before thee?
Art thou so made as to tremble and fear?
Confide in thy God; he will watch o’er thee;
Humbly and trustingly, brother, draw near!
Clouds may be gathering, light may depart,
Earth that thou treadest seem crumbling away;
New foes, new dangers, around thee may start,
And spectres of evil tempt thee astray.
Onward courageously! nerved for the task,
Do all thy duty, and strength shall be thine;
Whate’er you want in humility ask,
Aid shall be given from a source that’s divine.
Do all thy duty faithful and truly;
Trust in thy Maker,–he’s willing to save
Thee from all evil, and keep thee securely,
And make thee triumphant o’er death and the grave.

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