When fortune smil’d, his friendly care
Was to relieve distress;
And ease the wretched in dispair,
Or make their troubles less.
When to him misfortune stray’d,
No brothers gave relief;
To assist the man each seem’d afraid,
Or ease the brow of grief.
A trifling pittance neighbours say,
The elder B—r sent;
Not half enough in life’s decay,
To pay his nurse and rent.
From his misfortunes well its known,
Their anger did increase;
He wish’d his friend would make it known,
He died with all at peace.
Within the church beside his wife,
My friend’s remains are laid;
Remov’d from all the pangs of life,
Or B—s to upbraid.
Benevolence came forth with speed,
While pity went before;
Holding J. Barber’s hand to aid,
The man that’s now no more.
Oh Barber! such a heart as thine,
Are seldom found in man;
Thy generous deeds to endless time,
Will prove sweet comforts plan.
What proof thou gives of friendly care,
To take his orphan girl;
And dry the child’s fresh starting tear,
And from her grief to hurl.
Oh daughter of my late lov’d friend,
Religious guide pursue;
Till your last moments here do end,
Or tomb encompass you.

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