On A Very Old Woman by William Makepeace Thackeray


“Und Du gingst einst, die Myrt’ im Haare.”

And thou wert once a maiden fair,
A blushing virgin warm and young:
With myrtles wreathed in golden hair,
And glossy brow that knew no care–
Upon a bridegroom’s arm you hung.

The golden locks are silvered now,
The blushing cheek is pale and wan;
The spring may bloom, the autumn glow,
All’s one–in chimney corner thou
Sitt’st shivering on.–

A moment–and thou sink’st to rest!
To wake perhaps an angel blest,
In the bright presence of thy Lord.
Oh, weary is life’s path to all!
Hard is the strife, and light the fall,
But wondrous the reward!

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