Of Life At Court by George MacDonald

To the tune–Ein Lappisch Mann: A Silly Man.

Who number one
Keeps in the van,
And gently can
His hoop drive on
And fawn and fan,
And every man
Counts dust and bran–
Is now the cock to crow to Pan.

Who has in sight
To live upright,
Keep honour bright,
And be true quite–
In vain shall fight
And lose his might,
Shall meet with slight
And scorn and spite,
And serve the rest, unhappy wight.

By flattery’s rod
There’s many a lad
Great wealth has had,
And praises glad;
Down in the mud
He’ll others tread
And honour wed:
So goes the world heels over head!

Whatever man
Has no such plan,
From court must run;
Such never won
But scoff and ban.
Who flatter can,
And sting and tan–
He is at court the best o’ the clan!

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