The true obligation is without self motive.

Vikram pulled Vaitaal from the tree, put him on his shoulder and continued his journey. Vaitaal said – “Vikram, You are really working hard. Every time I run away, and every time you take me to that Yogee. You don’t feel bored, that is why I tell you a story, listen..

A king, named Jeemootvaahan, lived in Himaachal Pradesh. He was very religious, but his son Agnivaahan was very cruel. Agnivaahan expressed his desire of becoming king while his father was alive. He threatened him to forcefully descend him frm the throne if his desire was not fulfilled. Jeemootvaahan handed over his kingdom to his son Agnivaahan and went away to forest.

Agnivaahan started many atrocities with his people. Jeemootvaahan was passing his life doing Tapasyaa. One day when he was singing Bhajan, he heard a cry of an old woman. He went to that woman and asked the reason of her crying. She said – “I have only one son. Here lives a Daanav, he will eat my son tonight.” Jeemootvaahan consoled her and said – “Don’t be so sad, mother. I will be very happy if my this body comes in use for somebody. I will become your son and will become the food of that Daanav.” The old woman could not agree at this, but the king was firm on his decision, so she had to agree at last.

In the evening the woman’s son came back. She told him everything. Her son also didn’t agree for this, and he asked king to go back, but the king flatly refused to go back, and somehow he made him agreed. Thus Jeemootvaahan became the food of the Daanav and the woman’s son was saved. Now tell me, what kind of obligation was this?

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Vikram thought for a while then said – “There is no obligation in this, Vaitaal.” “What? You mean that Jeemootvaahan’s obligation went waste?” “No Vaitaal, He did a great obligation on the woman, but O Vaitaal, the real obligation is that which is unselfish. Jeemootvaahan sacrificed himself with the desire of Moksh and Punya. Who could not do anything for his own son, if he does something for the other’s son, this is not logical. Jeemootvaahan should have given up his life instead of making his son king. He handed over his kingdom to a cruel person to rule and left his people to suffer under him, he cannot be pardoned for this. This is my justice – you think yourself.”

Vaitaal got silent hearing Vikram. After a while he spoke – “You are right, Vikram.” Then he laughed heartily, ran away from his shoulder and hung from the same tree. Vikram again pulled Vaitaal from the tree, put him on his shoulder and started walking .

Obligation – Vikram Betal Stories.

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