Now–And Then by Everard Jack Appleton

A thousand years from now, how will this earth
Conduct itself? Will there be wars, and men
Inventing things? Or will there be a dearth
Of ideas (such as we feel, now and then?)
Nobody knows. We can surmise, perchance–
But glancing that far oft is quite some glance!

A thousand years from now–in Time’s swift flight–
The aeroplane itself may be passe,
And transportation on a beam of light
The natural and the ordinary way.
Men may have bodies made of metals cold
To match the hearts and brains those bodies hold!

A thousand years from now–why should we care
What Science then brings forth–we won’t be here
To worry over things or to compare
The present with our past–won’t that be queer?
But men, as now, will hope (as we have done)
That each new year will be a better one!

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