Novice Barber

One day the Hodja went to the barber to get a nice, clean shave. His luck, the experienced barber was not in that day, instead there was the young apprentice.

Nasreddin Hodja was not reassured by the sight of the razor in the trembling hands of the novice barber.

It looked as if the boy was going to cut the Hodja’s face or his throat, any minute. As the hodja was saying quiet prayers to get out of the barber shop with his head in tact, a loud bellowing was heard.

`What was that?’ asked the Hodja, alarmed.

`The blacksmith is shoeing an ox.’ said the boy.

`Oh, thank God!’ the Hodja was relieved, `I thought another apprentice barber was shaving a man!’

Novice Barber – Mullah Nasruddin Stories

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