No. 378 [from The Spectator] by Alexander Pope

Story type: Essay

No. 378
Wednesday, May 14, 1712. Pope.

‘Aggredere, O magnos, aderit jam tempus, honores.’


I will make no Apology for entertaining the Reader with the following Poem, which is written by a great Genius, a Friend of mine, in the Country, who is not ashamd to employ his Wit in the Praise of his Maker. [1]


A sacred Eclogue, compos’d of several Passages of Isaiah the Prophet.

Written in Imitation of Virgil’s POLLIO.

Ye Nymphs of Solyma! begin the Song:
To heav’nly Themes sublimer Strains belong.
The Mossy Fountains, and the Sylvan Shades,
The Dreams of Pindus and th’ Aonian Maids,
Delight no more–O Thou my Voice inspire,
Who touch’d Isaiah’s [hallow’d [2]] Lips with Fire!
Rapt into future Times, the Bard begun;
A Virgin shall conceive, a Virgin bear a Son!

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