Never Give Advice To Fools

On the bank of river Narmada there was a huge tree with widespread thick branches. It was the home of a family of birds who had painstakingly built their nests in it. The tree protected them even during the heaviest downpour.

One monsoon day the sky was overcast with black clouds and soon it started to rain. Oh, how it rained and rained. Seeking refuge from the terrible thunderstorm, a group of monkeys huddled together under the tree. Shivering with cold, they were wet and miserable. The birds sitting snugly in their nests were unaffected by the storm. They saw the monkeys condition.

One of the birds called down to them – “O monkeys, why do you have to suffer like this every time it rains? Look at us. using only our beaks which can carry twigs for our safety. But God has given you two hands and two legs which you use to only jump and play about. Why can’t you build shelters for yourselves?”

Hearing these words the monkeys became very angry. How dare the birds speak to us in this manner, they thought. “Sitting safely in their nests, they are preaching to us. Let the rains stop and then we will teach them a lesson,” said the leader of the monkeys.

As soon as the rains stopped the monkeys climbed up the tree and began to destroy the nests of the birds. They threw the eggs down and pushed the nests out of their place. The poor birds flew hither and thither in distress. It is truly said that advice should be given only to the learned and wise. Any advice given to fools results in provoking their anger against the giver of advice.

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