Mirabai’s Love For Shri Krishna

Approximately 500 years ago, the kingdom of Rajasthan was the land of warriors, sages, sadhus, and kings. It was at this time; Princess Mirabai was born (1478). Her mother passed away when she was very young and her father, Ratan Singh, was very busy with the kingdom. Growing up at her grandfather’s palace, Mirabai was deeply devoted to Krishna Bhagwan. After Mirabai’s grandfather passed away, her uncle became the new king. He arranged her marriage with Prince Bhoj Raj, the eldest son of Rana Sanga of the Rajput kingdom of Mewar.

This was the most prominent and powerful Rajput kingdom in the early 16th century. But Mirabai was not interested in the status, rich silks, and jewels that her new family had to offer. She was interested instead, in performing bhakti of Shri Krishna, whom she referred to as ‘Giridhar’.

Mirabai’s new family viewed her intense devotion to God as a problem. She refused to worship her husband’s family goddess because she only knew of one God – Shri Krishna Bhagwan. To offer her devotion to Shri Krishna Bhagwan, she would sneak out of the palace and go to the village mandir. Her father-in-law was not happy with this and tried to kill her with a poisonous drink. Not knowing it was poisonous, she drank the entire glass.

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But her love and devotion to Shri Krishna was such that he saved her from the effects of the poison. When her father-in-law passed away, Mirabai was coroneted as the queen. Even as the queen, she continued to visit the village mandir. It was at this mandir that Mirabai met her guru, Raidas, who further inspired Mirabai’s devotion. Raidas was deeply moved by her devotion. He gave her an ektaro as a gift, which she played when she sang her kirtans. Due to this, she was subjected to even more hardship and punishment. After her husband died, Mirabai was locked up in her room. The difficulties became unbearable and began to come in the way of her devotion. She then decided to leave the palace for good and set off on a pilgrimage to Mathura, Vrundavan and Dwarka.

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Mirabai was a born poet. She expressed her deep devotion to Shri Krishna. With her ektaro in hand, she sang hundreds of kirtans that she composed each full of piety, love, and dedication. Even today many people still sing her kirtans. Although she was a queen, she traded all her riches to worship Shri Krishna Bhagwan.

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Mirabai’s Love For Shri Krishna – True life story of Mirabai

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