Marriage Season

The invitation and message sent by King Janaka reached Ayodhya and the messenger narrated the details of the Swayamvar and Rama’s lifting of the mighty arrow of Shiva thereby winning Sita’s hand.
King Dashratha, along with leading citizens of Ayodhya, Bharata, Shatrughna and others set out in a resplendent wedding party or “barat” for Janakpuri. The groom’s party was accorded a warm and ceremonial welcome at Janakpuri. The two kings, now bound by the children’s alliance, embrace warmly.
As advised by Vishwamitra and his guru, King Janaka arranged for the wedding of the other princes.
Thus Lakshmana was married to Urmila. Mandavi with Bharata and Shrutkirti with Shatrughna, at the same wedding pavilion as Rama and Sita .
Even the gods of heaven appeared there to witness this wondrous spectacle. The women sang auspicious songs while the asparas in heaven danced with joy.
After the wedding, Janaka bade a tearful farewell to Sita and was emotionally distraught at being parted with his beloved daughter.
The groom’s party returned to Ayodhya with the four new brides. The three mothers-in-law welcomed them ceremoniously with auspicious music, song and celebration. They stepped into their new households with the ceremony of griha pravesh (ceremony to enter the new house). The whole city of Ayodhya rejoiced with song and music.
Marriage Season, Ramayana – The Epic Story

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