Linger, Oh, Gentle Time by Adelaide Anne Procter

Linger, oh, gentle Time,Linger, oh, radiant grace of bright To-day!Let not the hours’ chimeCall thee away,But linger near me still with fond delay.Linger, for thou art mi …

Linger, oh, gentle Time,
Linger, oh, radiant grace of bright To-day!
Let not the hours’ chime
Call thee away,
But linger near me still with fond delay.

Linger, for thou art mine!
What dearer treasures can the future hold?
What sweeter flowers than thine
Can she unfold?
What secrets tell my heart thou hast not told?

Oh, linger in thy flight!
For shadows gather round, and should we part,
A dreary starless night
May fill my heart,–
Then pause and linger yet ere thou depart.

Linger, I ask no more,–
Thou art enough for ever–thou alone;
What future can restore,
When thou art flown,
All that I hold from thee and call my own?

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