Life is Precious

We all kept praying looking the clock.Two hours left for the deadline for him to regain consciousness or leave us for ever. We are 1000 miles apart from him, but our hearts are beating fast same as those friends waiting outside the ICU then and there informing about his condition. Nowfal, our dear friend is fighting for his life. He is gem of a person. He is too good to be loved that no one can hate him for anything. He is 23 year old software professional. Only son to his parents. He has been to Pune all way long from Tirupur for his dream career.
His career growth was good and everything went well until that black day arrived. The day before the accident he was talking to his roommate about his future plans like renovating his small house and taking his parents along with him once he is settled abroad. He was about to leave onsite in a month’s time.
Black day
Evening was a teammate’s party as he was leaving onsite.
Party was in a hotel somewhere near Lonavala that was around 50 km from his stay place. Party went on well with dishes, drinks and chats. Nowfal doesn’t have the habit of drinking so he didn’t. When they were about to leave, Nowfal suggested his teammates of going a ride upto Lonavala and enjoy the mountains in darkness. The time was 12 pm when they started towards Lonavala.

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They reached the mountains, enjoyed the campfire, danced and finally left the place at 2.45 pm. All the bikes drove fast towards Pune and Nowfal’s was last. All were busy riding to reach and no one communicated each other about they safely reached to their respective places.
Next day
At 8 a.m the next day one of his friends received call from highway hospital that he is in the ICU. Friends rushed to hospital, his parents too arrived. He was bleeding from head, liver, hands and legs.
The last 10 days he hasn’t regained his consciousness after three surgeries. We are all positively hoping that he will be back in this two hours time. All we know about what happened to him that day was he was not hit by vehicles. His bike has thrashed the divider and he has fell apart bleeding heavily until people noticed him morning. He didn’t take care of his safety. He didn’t wear helmet. He rode the bike in high sleep time that his eyes would’ve shut for seconds or he speed heavily.
When we read or hear about road safety we just ignore not taking them seriously. But when it happens to our close buddy or family we realize safety is important, self care is important.
Life is precious
Two hours passed. The phone rings and we go alarming. Our dear friend left us. He is no more. Our hopes are shattered.His dreams are shattered.His parents are left alone. Life is precious. Please take care as you are needed by your loved ones.
Author: Nivetha Murugan

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