Laundry Day

Every time the Hodja’s wife started to tackle the laundry, the weather took a turn for the worse. The rain made the trips to the stream impossible, or if it started later on in the day, ruined the newly washed clothes hung out to dry in the yard.

Nasreddin Hodja and his wife could never catch a nice sunny day to carry the water, do the washing in the garden and lay the clothes out to dry. Finally Nasreddin Hodja had an idea.

`We should not let Allah know about our intentions to do the laundry.’ he said to his wife.

`How are we going to that?’ asked the wife, doubtful.

`Well, when the weather is nice, you inform me that you plan to do a wash by sign language. Then I inconspicuously go to the grocer and buy the soap and the clay. We do not talk about doing the laundry at all.’

Some time later, on a sunny day, the Hodja’s wife informed the Hodja by gestures that she needed to do the laundry.

Nasreddin Hodja went and purchased the necessary materials without saying a word to the grocer about the laundry. But as soon as he left the store, he heard a loud thunder.

`No need to make a row,’ he said heavenwards, `it’s not like we are going to do the laundry or anything.’

Laundry Day – Mullah nasruddin Stories

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