Lack of Willingness

Guru and DiscipleOnce there lived a noble Guru known for his wisdom and compassion. One of his disciple started complaining that his Guru did not teach him anything valuable despite spending 20 years at his service. Hearing his complaint, the Guru handed him the responsibility of bringing lunch for Gurukul(school) everyday from neighborhood.
The disciple had to travel on foot few miles, carry the food to Gurukul and serve food to his Guru. While getting food from neighborhood he befriended a caged parrot to whom he complaint his Guru’s lack of willingness to teach him. The parrot replied, “Oh my friend! I have heard great things about the noble Guru. Are you sure you were mindful in the process of learning?”. Frustrated disciple shouted, “After all you are a parrot, you don’t question my intelligence”. Disappointed with his arrogance, the parrot put an end to the conversation.
Few days later, when the disciple came to get lunch, the gloomy parrot told him, “My master has decided to sacrifice me after two days” and requested him, “Please ask the Guru a solution to save my life”. The lethargic disciple said, “He has not taught me anything after spending 20 years with him. How would he be helpful to you?”. But as the parrot pleaded he decided to discuss with his Guru.

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The next day, the curious parrot asked him for the solution. The disciple said, “I told your misery to the Guru. When I asked for a solution, the Guru simply lied on the floor motionless for a while and went away. I am sure he is not willing to teach anything. I am sorry for your fate”.
The next day, the disciple saw an empty cage. He felt bad for his friend’s death. He met his friend’s master to confirm the death. The angry master yelled, “That was a wicked creature. When I went to open the cage, it was lying motionless as dead. Shocked, I opened the cage and took it out for examination. Suddenly, the parrot flew away and escaped”.
Hearing this, the disciple realized the parrot has learns from his Guru without even meeting him once but he had wasted 20 years. Now he found where the lack of willingness actually was.
Lack of Willingness – Philosophical Stories

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