Kings Three Teachings

Ages ago there lived a great king. He had three sons. Once he thought of teaching his sons something, something that could be used by them when they heir the throne.
Thinking that, the king called his sons and said,” sons, we do not have any tree of pear in our kingdom. I want you three to search for this tree. You take turns
during the year First 4 months one searches, second 4 months the second one and third 4 months the third one. Take the turns and find out how does the tree look like?”
At his words, his sons took turns, went in search of the tree one after the other and returned back after a year.
When the three sons came back they were asked to present themselves in the court and tell about the tree to people present.
First son started,” Dad, that was dry, ugly bent tree with no leaves.”
“No, no, absolutely not, the tree was completely green and beautiful. But I think it had some problem. it had no fruit on it…!!”, the second son intervened.
The third son didn’t’ allow anyone to respond and went on with his version,”Dear brother, I think you both are mistaken. You might have seen some other tree. I saw the
beautiful pear tree. a lots of pears were growing on it.”
All three of them thought their version was right so they started bickering and wanted that their version of the tree must be approved. The king ordered them to keep
quiet,” sons you don’t need to quarrel among yourselves. Actually you have seen the same tree. I knowingly sent you in different seasons, and what you saw there was
according to that particular season.
I want you to learn something from this and remember this for ever.
First, If you want to judge something, you must give some time to know over a long time. it doesn’t matter if it is a topic, a thing, or a person. You can not judge
someone in minutes.
Second, every season is different from other. you see sometimes the tree is dry, sometimes it is green and beautiful. In the same way if you are ever going through a
rough time, don’t lose hope, be brave, time changes for sure.
Third, never think that what you know or say is always right. Don’t be too adamant on your views, open up your mind and know about others’ perspectives. The world is
full of knowledge and you can never know everything. so when in doubt never hesitate to ask the opinion of learned people.

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