The Greedy King Midas

king midasKind Midas was very rich. He loved things made of gold. Many people in King Midas’ land were very poor. “We must help the poor, your majesty,” said the king’s minister. King Midas did not care for the poor. He was more interested in counting his gold coins. King Midas had a daughter. Her name was Marigold. She liked to pick flowers in the garden. King Midas often gave gifts made of gold to Marigold. “I want to became the richest king,” said King Midas to his minister. “How?” asked the minister. “I want everything I touch to turn into gold,” said King Midas.
A fairy wanted to teach the greedy King Midas a lesson. “You can have your wish. Everything that you touch will turn into gold from tomorrow,” said the fairy. King Midas was very happy. “I shall become the richest king,” he said. King Midas woke up early the next morning. First, he touched his blanket. It turned into gold. King Midas was delighted. He touched many other things in the palace. All turned into gold.
King Midas was excited. He went straight to the garden. There, the king touched the flowers and Marigold’s pets. All of them turned into gold. King Midas returned to the palace happily and sat at his breakfast table. All the food that King Midas touched turned into gold. He could not eat his breakfast. Marigold was surprised. All the flowers and her pets looked different. Marigold was sad. “The flowers have lost their sweet smell. My pets cannot move anymore,” she said. Marigold could not play with her favorite animals. She cried. “Do not cry. You should be happy. I am now the richest king,” said King Midas. Marigold went on crying.

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King Midas reached out and patted her. At once, Marigold turned into gold. The king’s doctor could not bring Marigold back to life. King Midas was very sad. The sad King Midas went for a walk. He saw the poor having their meal. He too was hungry but he was afraid to touch his food. He knew that his food would turn into gold. King Midas also saw many children playing happily. He was sad because his daughter could not play anymore.
Suddenly, the fairy appeared. “Why are you sad? Aren’t you now the richest king?” asked the fairy. “Yes. I am the richest king, but all the gold has not made me happy. Please help me,” said King Midas. The fairy knew that King Midas would never become greedy again. “Pour the water from this magic jug over everything you have touched,” said the fairy. When King Midas poured the water over the flowers in the garden, they became fresh again. King Midas was very happy.
King Midas ran quickly to his daughter and poured the water over her. Marigold became a real person again. From that day, King Midas became a king king. He helped the poor and lived happily.
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Moral Quote: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
King Midas – Kids Moral Stories

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