King is Tired of Running Kingdom

There was a King who was wise, just and loved by his people. After few years he got bored of being a King and would get tired very fast.
To solve this problem he went to his Guru in the forest and said, “I’m tired of all these problems and tensions; if I solve one problem another erupts; if I solve that, the third erupts. Everyday there are new problems and new tensions. I’m tired of all this! What should I do?”
The Guru said, “If such is the case, then leave the kingdom.”
The King said, “How can I do this? If I will do this, it will make things worse.”
The Guru said, “All right, then give the kingdom to your son and live the way I live.”
The King said, “My son is very young and will not be able to handle this.”
The Guru said, “In that case you give me the kingdom and I will handle it.”
The King was happy and said, “Yes, this is acceptable to me.”
The Guru gave him some holy water and the King took in his right hand and made promise in front of the sacred fire.
Then King got up and started to leave.
The Guru asked, “Where are you going?”
The King said, “I am going to the palace to take away some money from the treasury and will go to a foreign land where I’ll do a small business and lead my life.”
The Guru said, “When you have given me the kingdom, the treasury is also mine and you have no right.”
The King thought for a moment and said, “That is true, therefore, now I will have to take a job somewhere else.”
The Guru said, “If you have to do a job, come and work for me. I have such a big kingdom and I need somebody to run it. You have the right experience. Will you do this?”
The King said, “Yes!”
The Guru said, “Then go and from today run the kingdom on my behalf. Always remember that nothing is yours. You will only get a salary.”
The King accepted, went back and started running the kingdom.
Few months later the Guru came to the palace and asked the King, “So how are you? Have you got bored, have you got tensions? How is life with you?”
Smilingly the King said, “I’m very happy now. I’m able to sleep well in the night. I work hard whole day. I’m solving the problems coming every day staying cool and have no tensions! I give my best and leave the worrying to you! Nothing is mine. All is yours. I only do my duty.”
As long as we are in bondage (material or other worldly things thinking I own these), we cannot hope to be totally free from misery.

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