King And Slave by Adelaide Anne Procter

If in my soul, dear,An omen should dwell,Bidding me pause, ereI love thee too well;If the whole circle,Of noble and wise,With stern forebodings,Between us should rise.I w …

If in my soul, dear,
An omen should dwell,
Bidding me pause, ere
I love thee too well;
If the whole circle,
Of noble and wise,
With stern forebodings,
Between us should rise.

I will tell them, dear,
That Love reigns–a King,
Where storms cannot reach him,
And words cannot sting;
He counts it dishonour
His faith to recall;
He trusts;–and for ever
He gives–and gives all!

I will tell thee, dear,
That Love is–a Slave,
Who dreads thought of freedom,
As life dreads the grave;
And if doubt or peril
Of change there may be,
Such fear would but drive him
Still nearer to thee!

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