Inner Character

There were two twin brothers, Rohidas and Mahidas, who had to walk a long way every day to their farm. So they begged their father to give them a horse or a bullock cart to travel comfortably.
After much deliberation, the father gave Rohidas an elephant and Mahidas a donkey. Both boys were happy with their respective gifts. But there was a problem.
The road to the farm was narrow. Rohidas, on the elephant, demanded first right of passage. Mahidas refused to give it, so Rohidas got his elephant to simply nudge the donkey aside and claim the road. Mahidas and the donkey tumbled to the side and watched Rohidas move majestically ahead with a sneer on his face.
That evening, Mahidas complained about Rohidas to his father.
The father said, “Tomorrow Mahidas will take the elephant and Rohidas will take the donkey.”
Mahidas chuckled and Rohidas whined, but the decision had been taken.
So the next day the two brothers set out for the farm. This time Mahidas on his elephant claimed the narrow road and walked ahead, nudging away his brother, forcing him to follow. He was happy.
That evening, on learning the day’s events, the father said, “I am disappointed in both you boys. Your personality depends on what you have. When either of you had the elephant, you tried to dominate the other. When either of you had the donkey, you whined and complained. Clearly you have no inner character; your behaviour is a function of what you possess. That is the sign of a weak man.”

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