I Look To Science by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I look to Science for the cure of Crime;
To patient righting of a thousand wrongs;
To final healing of a thousand ills.
Blind runner now, and cruel egotist
It yet leads on to more than mortal sight,
And the large knowledge that means humbleness,
And tender love for all created things.

I look to Science for the Coming Race
Growing from seed selected; and from soil
Love fertilised; and pruned by wisdom’s hand,
Till out of mortal man spring demi-gods,
Strong primal creatures with awakened souls
And normal passions, governed by the will,
Leaving a trail of glory where they tread.

I look to Science for the growth of faith.
That bold denier of accepted creeds –
That mighty doubter of accepted truths –
Shall yet reveal God’s secrets to the world,
And prove the facts it seeks to overthrow.
And a new name shall Science henceforth bear –
The Great Religion of the Universe.

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