Hymn 2:165 [Long Have I Sat Beneath The Sound] by Isaac Watts

Unfruitfulness, ignorance,
and unsanctified affections.

Long have I sat beneath the sound
Of thy salvation, Lord
But still how weak my faith is found,
And knowledge of thy word!

Oft I frequent thy holy place
And hear almost in vain;
How small a portion of thy grace
My memory can retain!

[My dear Almighty, and my God,
How little art thou known
By all the judgments of thy rod,
And blessings of thy throne!]

[How cold and feeble is my love!
How negligent my fear!
How low my hope of joys above!
How few affections there!]

Great God, thy sovereign power impart
To give thy word success:
Write the salvation in my heart,
And make me learn the grace.

[Shew my forgetful feet the way
That leads to joys on high;
There knowledge grows without decay,
And love shall never die.]

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