Hymn 2:155 [Lo The Destroying Angel Flies] by Isaac Watts

Christ our passover.

Lo the destroying angel flies
To Pharaoh’s stubborn land:
The pride and flower of Egypt dies
By his vindictive hand.

He pass’d the tents of Jacob o’er,
Nor pour’d the wrath divine;
He saw the blood on every door,
And bless’d the peaceful sign.

Thus th’ appointed Lamb must bleed
To break th’ Egyptian yoke;
Thus Israel is from bondage freed,
And ‘scapes the angel’s stroke.

Lord, if my heart were sprinkled too
With blood so rich as thine,
Justice no longer would pursue
This guilty soul of mine.

Jesus our passover was slain,
And has at once procur’d
Freedom from Satan’s heavy chain,
And God’s avenging sword.

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