Charles Darwin was friendly towards children. One day two boys decided to play a trick on him. They caught a butterfly, a grasshopper, a beetle and a centipede, and out of them made a new insect. They took the head of the beetle, the body of the centipede, the wings of the butterfly, and the legs of the grasshopper, and stuck them all together. Then they took the strange bug to the scientist, and said: “Can you tell us the name of this bug?”
humbug-imageDarwin looked at the insect and then at the boys.
“Where did you get it?” he asked with a smile.
“We caught it in a field,” they said.
“Did it hum when you caught it?” the naturalist wanted to know.
“Yes, it did,” was the answer.
“Well, then,” said Darwin, “it is a humbug.”
Project is sometimes running in humbug mode. With so much pressure for deliverable care should not be taken for resolving issues properly. Quick fixes are applied in ad-hoc basis which will impact negatively in long run. It’s better to get project out of humbug mode and think future consequences while applying quick fixes.

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