How to open door?

A king put his court to a test for an important post. Powerful and wise men stood around him in great numbers.
“You wise men,” said the king, “I’ve a problem, and I want to see who out of you is in a position to solve it.”
He led the men to a huge door, bigger than anyone had ever seen.
The king explained, “Here you see the biggest and heaviest door ever built in my kingdom. Who among you can open it?”
Some of the courtiers just shook their heads in astonishment.
Others, who were counted among the wise men, looked at the door more closely, but admitted they could not do it alone and would require efforts of a lot of people.
When the wise men had said this, the rest of the court agreed that this problem was too hard to solve by a person.
Only one courtier went up to the door.
He checked it with his eyes and fingers, tried many was to move it, and finally pulled on it with a hefty tug. And the door opened.
The door has just been left ajar, not completely shut, and nothing more had been needed but the willingness to realize it and the courage to act boldly.
The king spoke, “You will get the position in the court, for you do not rely just on what you see or hear. You put your own powers into action and risk a test.”

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