Hanuman to the Rescue

On his way while flying towards the Himalayas, Hanuman saw a sage engrossed in meditation. He was very thirsty so he stopped when he saw a pond of clear water at the ashram of the sage. Hanuman asked permission to drink the water from the sage, who was actually Kalnemi in disguise. The wicked Kalnemi pretended to be wise and spiritual and talked to Hanuman about lofty ideas of Brahma Gyan, the ultimate knowledge. He told Hanuman, go and drink water from the pond, then I will give you a discourse.
Hanuman went to the pond where a mayavi (illusionary) crocodile caught hold of his leg. Hanuman felled him with one solid blow. The crocodile was in reality a gandharva cursed into a crocodile form and now he was released from the curse. He disappeared to his world in the sky but before doing so, he warned Hanuman that the sage was actually the wicked Kalnemi sent by Ravana.
Hanuman goes to the wicked sage and killed him with a single blow and continued on his journey. In the Himalayas, on Drona peak in the deck of the night, all herbs looked alike and shone like stars. Hanuman could not recognize the Sanjeevani booti so he picked up the Drona mountain and flew back to Lanka.
When Hanuman flew over Ayodhya, Bharat at Nandigram mistook him for a Rakshasa (demon) and aimed a featherless arrow at him. Hanuman cried out “Shri Rama” and fell down on earth. When Bharat heard him say the name of Rama, he came close to him. He heard the whole story of the warfare and became sad. To speed Hanuman back, he made him sit on his fast arrow and sent him to Lanka in a short span of time.
Sushena took the Sanjeevani herb from the mountain to treat Lakshman who was revived at once and the vanara sena rejoiced to see him cured.
Now when Indrajit heard the news of Lakshmana’s revival, he decided to pray to his Ishtdevi (favorite goddess) in her cave, to ask for a boon to become invisible. He planned to hold a secret ceremony to acquire the power by praying to the devi (goddess). Vibheeshan told Rama that if Indrajit succeeded in conducting this yagna, he would become invincible. So Rama sent Angad and other monkeys to disturb the ceremony in some way.
Hanuman to the Rescue, Ramayana – The Epic Story

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