Hame by George MacDonald

The warl it’s dottit wi’ hames
As thick as gowans o’ the green,
Aye bonnier ilk ane nor the lave
To him wha there opent his een.

An’ mony an’ bonny’s the hame
That lies neth auld Scotlan’s crests,
Her hills an’ her mountains they are the sides
O’ a muckle nest o’ nests.

His lies i’ the dip o’ a muir
Wi’ a twa three elder trees,
A lanely cot wi’ a sough o’ win’,
An’ a simmer bum o’ bees;

An’ mine in a bloomin strath,
Wi’ a river rowin by,
Wi’ the green corn glintin i’ the sun,
An’ a lowin o’ the kye;

An’ yours whaur the chimleys auld
Stan up i’ the gloamin pale
Wi’ the line o’ a gran’ sierra drawn
On the lift as sharp’s wi’ a nail.

But whether by ingle-neuk
On a creepie ye sookit yer thumb,
Dreamin, an’ watchin the blue peat-reek
Wamle oot up the muckle lum,

Or yer wee feet sank i’ the fur
Afore a bleezin hearth,
Wi’ the curtains drawn, shuttin oot the toon–
Aberdeen, Auld Reekie, or Perth,

It’s a naething, nor here nor there;
Leal Scots are a’ane thegither!
Ilk ane has a hame, an’ it’s a’ the same
Whether in clover or heather!

An’ the hert aye turns to the hame–
That’s whaur oor ain folk wons;
An’ gien hame binna hame, the hert bauds ayont
Abune the stars an’ the suns.

For o’ a’ the hames there’s a hame
Herty an’ warm an’ wide,
Whaur a’ that maks hame ower the big roun earth
Gangs til its hame to bide.

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