Good Night by Mrs J C Yule

Good night, good night!–the day
Slowly has borne away,
Music and light;
Once more the starry train
Sweeps over vale and plain,
Soft falls the dews again–
Good night-good night!

Day’s weary toils are done,
Set is the glorious sun,
Faded the light;–
Now, to the weary breast
Ever a welcome guest,–
Comes the sweet hour of rest–
Good night–good night!

Evening’s cool shadows lie
Calmly o’er earth and sky;
And, from the height
Of the far, wooded hill,
Sends the lone whip-poor-will,
Softer and sweeter still,
Plaintive good night.

Gently let slumber lie
On every weary eye
Tired of the light!
E’en as the folded flowers
Sleep in the forest bowers,
Rest, through the silent hours–
Good night–good night!

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