Get Rid of Your Pain

Once accidentally a buffalo fell into a slushy tank and it could not come out in spite of its bets effort.
As it was trying to pull out one leg, another leg was going deeper into the slush. The buffalo was struggling hard to come out.
People who were passing by did not help the animal due to the fear that they themselves may get stuck in that mud.
Some mischievous children were also watching and enjoying the struggle of the animal.
A saint with a weak body, who happened to come there immediately jumped into the slush to help animal pull out.
People around were heckling him saying how could this man with his fragile body help that big animal pull out.
The saint did not care for their words. With all his strength he finally helped the animal out with great difficulty.
The mischievous children in a derogatory manner said, “Oh! What a service you have done! We could have enjoyed the show for some more time if you had not interfered.”
The saint said, ” I did not do any service to the buffalo. I saved animal only to get rid of my pain. I could not bear my own agony seeing the buffalo struggling. Now I am free from that suffering.”

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