Fruits of Others Hardwork

The farmer is a hardworking person. He works hard every day from morning to evening to do farming on his land. The crops in his farm start to grow and the field turns from brown to green.
A black deer passes by and stops near the farm. It rolls its eyes over the green farm and is attracted by it. There are open forests and green grass outside the farm, on which the deer can easily survive. But the deer chooses to enter the farm. It enters the farm and starts eating the crop planted by the farm. After eating quantities, it goes back. Now that the deer has discovered this farm, it passes by the farm, enters it and eats the crop every day.
The farmer notices this. He observes that a black deer eats away his crops every day. He gets disappointed. He wants to protect his farm. He builds a fence around the farm and hopes that the black deer won’t enter it now. The next day, the deer comes to the farm. This time it jumps over the fence, eats it and goes away.
The farmer now gets angry. He is frustrated by this act of the deer. He plans for something. He has to protect his farm. He thinks of a trap. He notices the spot from where the deer enters his farm. He lays down the trap exactly at that spot. He makes sure that the trap cannot be seen by the deer.
The next day arrives and jumps over the fence. The moment it lands inside the farm it is trapped.
“Bingo!”, shouts the farmer with a big smile on his face and beats the hell out of deer.
Never get attracted to the fruits of somebody else’s hard work. If you do so and succeed in getting it somehow, be ready to pay eventually.
Fruits of Others Hardwork – Kids Stories

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