Friend Sorrow by Adelaide Anne Procter

Do not cheat thy Heart and tell her,
“Grief will pass away,
Hope for fairer times in future,
And forget to-day.”–
Tell her, if you will, that sorrow
Need not come in vain;
Tell her that the lesson taught her
Far outweighs the pain.

Cheat her not with the old comfort,
“Soon she will forget”–
Bitter truth, alas–but matter
Rather for regret;
Bid her not “Seek other pleasures,
Turn to other things:”–
Rather nurse her caged sorrow
‘Till the captive sings.

Rather bid her go forth bravely.
And the stranger greet;
Not as foe, with spear and buckler,
But as dear friends meet;
Bid her with a strong clasp hold her,
By her dusky wings–
Listening for the murmured blessing
Sorrow always brings.

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