Four Delicate Princesses

Real tenderness is of heart, not of the body.

Vikramaaditya had again lifted Vaitaal, put him on his shoulder and continued walking. Vaitaal said – “Vikram, There is lots of time. You will be successful in your mission, you will reach the cremation ground in time, but till then let us enjoy. So listen now to another story.

The king of Swarn Desh was a very gracious king. He had four beautiful daughters. They all were very tender and delicate. His first daughter was like that, if she came out in moonlight, she had blisters on her skin. Her second daughter was like that, if any rose flower is thrown at her body, it bled from that place where it hit. The third daughter was like that, if anybody spoke a little loudly, she became unconscious. And the fourth one was like that if somebody touched her, a mark was made at the same place. All princess became very famous for their tenderness, even in far countries. Whoever heard about them, he got surprised at this.

The first princess was always kept in shade; nobody touched the second one; all only whispered in the presence of the third princess; and the fourth princess was like the second princess. The king was very much worried about their marriage, how they will be married? Will they be able to live after their marriage? He was especially worried about the second and the fourth ones.

The king had employed separate maids to take care of them. One of those maids was very kind. She used to donate something to a beggar whenever she got an opportunity, especially when she went out of the palace.

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Because of their tenderness, the princesses used to wear extremely light clothes and jewelry. One day, the maid, who used to give alms to beggars, came out of the palace carrying an ornament. A poor man saw the ornament in her hand and requested her to give that ornament to him as he wanted to marry his daughter. He didn’t have any ornament to give to his daughter in her marriage. O Vikram, the maid pitied him, and gave that ornament to him and came back empty hand. The king got very angry at this and he sacked her out. She went back to her house.

After a while a Vaidya (traditional doctor) came in that country. The king told him about his daughters and asked him, “Who is the most tender girl among them?” Vaidya laughed. King got surprised at this laugh and asked him why he was laughing. Vaidya said – “I am laughing at their tenderness.” The king said – “Can’t you treat my tender most daughter?” Vaidya refused to treat any of them and went away.

Vaitaal said – “Vikram, Now tell, Vaidya said right or wrong? Who was the most tender princess among them?” Vikram was silent. Vaitaal again said – “Is keeping quiet your justice? You are famous for your justice, speak something.”

Vikram said – “No princess was tender among all the princesses.”

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“What are you saying?”

Vikram said – “My justice says that only, because the tenderness of heart is more important than the tenderness of the body. The most tender was that maid who used to give alms to beggars. If somebody’s heart is not tender, then what is the use of tenderness of body, that is why the Vaidya refused to treat them. This is my justice.”

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Vaitaal remained silent for a while, then he broke into laughter and wanted to run away from Vikram’s shoulder but Vikram had held him tightly. He said – “You are running away, I will not let you run away.” “OK, OK, But only one condition. I will tell you another story and you will do justice as usual.” Vaitaal continued – “After that Vaidya went away. After some time the king married his first daughter. The prince always kept her in shade. When the time came she gave birth to a daughter. On this occasion many Deepak (lamps) were lit in the palace. Somehow, one Deepak’s light fell on princess’ body and it caused blisters on her body.” Hearing this Vikram also laughed. Vaitaal asked why he was laughing. Vikram said – “Because this is not the tenderness of the body. This is kind of disease. That is why I am laughing.”

Since Vikram broke his silence, Vaitaal again ran away from the king’s shoulder and hung on the tree upside down. Vikram again went back to the tree, caught him by his hair, put him on his shoulder and started walking fast again towards the cremation ground.

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