I waited with guilt and sadness as the long time rusty doors of the asylum were ripped open. The only reason why I agreed to this was because I was a historian. A historian who was very sensitive about leaving the dead in peace. The thing we are searching for is the oldest cell of the asylum. My team moved in, sweeping every corner and inspecting every tile. Others took pictures of the dried blood on the walls, tables, and tools. Still more began to take body parts and bones, as if they were like some kind of trophy. I, on the other hand, wandered deeper into blackened territory. I wandered around and began to lightly dust off certain objects. My finger hit a switch, and an old elevator creaked to life. It played soothing music and lit up dimly. I walked over and opened the rusty doors. Before I stepped on, one of the guards yelled at me to be careful. But it was to late. I slipped and fell into the elevator and before I knew it, I was plummeting to unknown depths, and an unknown destination. I closed my eyes and braced for impact, but none came.
Instead, there was a slight tug. Slowly removing the seal on my eyelids, I saw a dark dungeon-like laboratory. Crawling out of the elevator, I got a better look around. Broken glass pods and strange technology surrounded me. I bumped into something and it made a clattering sound against the stone floor. Looking over in its direction, I saw a skull. I jumped and flipped my body backwards, but made no sound. Recovering from my initial shock, I closed back in, still on my hands and knees. I came to a computer console. Upon touching it, it flickered on. Files of information on genetic experiments came up. I searched around for a mouse, with my sight and touch. My hand felt something similar to half a bulb, and when I pressed down it, a small click sound was created. I started to move it, and the arrow on the screen moved as well. I opened up the files and began reading. Sixty years ago, an alien was found. The closest reference to its looks was that of a dragon. It was described to be human-sized, with wings six feet long and two horn’s curved down like that of a rams. It’s entire body was covered in black scales, and its face shaped like a woman’s, with the golden eyes of a tiger. The creature spoke an unknown language and breathed a black fire that did not burn the body, but the mind. When the extraterrestrial made contact with the scientist, it was seriously wounded, and died on the spot before any words were exchanged. It said one thing that was never translated. ‘Icva eilt novia’. DNA was extracted from the beast, and experimented on. Of course, they needed a subject. A Caucasian girl of fourteen was chosen from an orphanage. She was sort of like a leader for all the kids there. It was determined that because of this, she was the strongest and most capable of undergoing tests. The files went on and on, at least forty years of information remained here! They were all about the behaviour of the child after each injection, new discoveries of the aliens physiology, and chemicals combined with the aliens blood, DNA and genetics. At the very end, there was a video recorded file. It read: Finale Test. I double clicked on it, and it began to play.
“This is the final injection on this subject. We have determined that her body can only take one more. Everything else has so far failed. But we have made incredible progress, and if this fails, then it will surly work on the next subject.” The lead scientist said. The camera panned over to one of the pods that contained the girl. She had grown to at least six feet tall, with many scars on her body. From what, exactly, was unknown. A substance was then released into the tank. As soon as the subject breathed it in, she fell to her knees, and started to cough blood. Her head also started to bleed, as two horns identical to the creatures began to protrude. The woman started screaming and holding her head, her whole body shaking. Scientists ran around, shouting. ‘Shut it off!’. ‘Run for your lives!’. ‘Quickly, get the weapons. Restrain it!!’. The….thing started pounding on the glass. A crack ran through it, eventually exploding from the pressure. Smoke covered the lens of the camera. But screams of horror and terrible ripping sounds still rang on. A terrifying roar rose above it all. A splash of blood hit the lens. An inhuman shadow lurked in the fog. A scaly black hand with long, black, thick, sharp claws reached out and crushed the recording. But not before a few more strange words were spoken. ‘Iciv ailt frochsline’ Nothing but static followed. A rush of thoughts flooded my head. Was this creature still alive? What incredible discovery did I make? What happened? Is someone still connected to the project? Did anyone in the video survive? I quickly stood up after hearing voices call my name. I had to tell someone about what I found. Then I saw something that almost made me hurl. Carved into the stone wall, draped in dried blood and organs, was one word. FORGOTTEN. All of a sudden, it made sense to me. ‘Iciv ailt frochsline’ meant ‘I must be forgotten’. The monster… The woman must have known that she had to stay down here, or else many things would go wrong if she was spotted on the surface. The rattling of a chain caught my attention. I followed the chain. At the end of it, I saw the woman in the video, in her original human form. She was still alive! I knew what had happened. She chained herself so that she couldn’t return to the surface when the want was too great, and consumed the meat of the skeletons that lay everywhere, as well as drank there blood. Suddenly, she took a large intake of air and opened her eyes. She grabbed my collar, looked at me and began to cry and shake.
“Icva eilt….novia…” she said. “Icva….eilt….” Then, she was gone. I ran my hand over her face, closing shut her eyes. Even though I did not know her, tears began to well up. When I thought of the horrors and pain she went through, or how she never even grew up normally! I could never even begin to imagine that. I turned away, and was hauled up by one of the guards. I ordered him to destroy the room, and burn the bodies. The last burden placed upon the woman would be carried out by me. That place will be forgotten.
On my way home, the image of the last breath of the lady remained in my mind. Except what she said was in English. Icva eilt novia…..what she was saying was; ‘I want to live.’

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