Dr. Doddridge’s Dog by George MacDonald

“What! you Dr. Doddridge’s dog, and not know who made you?”

My little dog, who blessed you
With such white toothy-pegs?
And who was it that dressed you
In such a lot of legs?

Perhaps he never told you!
Perhaps you know quite well,
And beg me not to scold you
For you can’t speak to tell!

I’ll tell you, little brother,
In case you do not know:–
One only, not another,
Could make us two just so.

You love me?–Quiet!–I’m proving!–
It must be God above
That filled those eyes with loving:
He was the first to love!

One day he’ll stop all sadness–
Hark to the nightingale!
Oh blessed God of gladness!–
Come, doggie, wag your tail!

That’s–Thank you, God!–He gave you
Of life this little taste;
And with more life he’ll save you,
Not let you go to waste!

He says now, Live together,
And share your bite and sup;
And then he’ll say, Come hither–
And lift us both high up.

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