How The Dog Finds His Master

This happened long ago. God had just created birds, animals and men they all lived together in the forest. But they were afraid of one another. Small creatures kept out of the way of the larger ones.
One such small creature was the dog.
“what will I do if a big animal attack me?” he asked himself. He began to look for a safe hiding place. One day he found a dark cave. But how long could he stay hidden in a cave? He had to come out and look for and water.
“This big world frightens me,” he thought. “I must find someone strong and brave with whom I can live. He must be so strong that he would not be afraid of anyone! So I must find the most powerful animal on earth and stay with him.” The dog wanted to ask god to help him find a protector. He found him deep in the forest, ”why did you make me so small ?” he asked god. “I simply can’t live alone because I’m afraid of all the big animals around me. I think I’d like a big and powerful protector. Do you think can tell me which is the greatest animal on the earth?”

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God replied that it was the elephant . so the dog went to the elephant. Dear elephant , god says you’re the greatest creature on the earth. Will you let me live with you? I’ll help you in whatever way you want will you be my master?”
“of course!” said the elephant.” You’re welcome to stay with me. I shall take care of you, my little friend”. The dog was happy. When it was night, a strong wind started blowing through the forest the tress swayed madly. The dog grew frightened and began to bark. Dogs always bark in the dark, especially when there is a strong wind blowing.
dog-finds-his-master-shortstoriescoin-image1But this made the elephant angry. ”don’t bark so loudly!” he said crossly . “If the tiger hears you, he’ll come here. And then I shall have to run for my life”. The dog thought,” o, the elephant is afraid of the tiger, so the tiger must be greater than him.”
He went to the tiger’s cave. There he begged the tiger to protect him. The tiger simply growled a “yes!” he was not a chatty fellow, you see. Now the dog was happy. He had the powerful tiger as his master and who would dare attack him now?
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That night when a cool breeze fanned the forest, he began to bark. “shut up!” growled the tiger immediately. “If you bark so loudly, the naga man will hear you. He will come in search of us.”
“o, ho!” thought the dog. “so the tiger is afraid of the naga man. Let me search for the naga man he must be the greatest creature on earth.”
And off he went, looking for the naga man.
After a long search, at last the dog found him. “please may I live with you as your servant?” he asked the naga man. “even the mighty tiger is afraid of you. Will you protect me in this big bad world?” the man agreed.
At night, when the dog began to bark at the wind, the man came rushing up. ”o, good!” he said, happily. “bark on. Bark loudly. It will keep away strangers and I shall sleep peacefully at night!”
Now, the dog was happy. “I’ve found my true master!” he thought . “ he is not afraid of anything . that is why he does not mind me barking at night.” From that day, the dog became man’s most faithful friend and servant.
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How The Dog Finds His Master – Kids Stories

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