My Regreting Life

hi, my name is Mansi. I will tell you a story.
One mistake of my life.
It was college days. I was in last year of my MBA.
There was a guy named brijal in our class. He was topper
of our university. In first year of MBA I got
2 marks less to score top rank.
So there was tough competition between us for the final
year. In last semester he proposed me and our love matured
gradually. We met often in city garden after college
hours. We also went for long drive frequently.
His love was as true as my life, but I never cared much about love.
I was more of attracted by his knowledge. I learned new ways
from him to remember formulas and other stuff to score higher.
I had got whatever I seeked from him so I wanted to break our
relationship. I was just looking a chance. I saw in his eyes the
care he had for my feelings. On my 21st birday he gave me gorgeous purse.
It was beautifully patched work with different colored cloths.
On next day when we set in the city garden and by mistake he broke the handle
of my purse. And that’s it, in anger I broke up with him. He then called me
several times but I never took his calls.
In last year of MBA, I got top rank and he fell down to 5th rank.
He tried to talk to me many times there after but I always ignored
After passing 3 years of my career, I realize that I was not
fair with brijal. He is a true lover. At that time I felt
proud by scoring top in final year but in pursuit of success,
I am living a lonely life.
If you find true lover in your life then accept it heartily.

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