Delinquent Ox

One day an ox entered Nasreddin Hodja’s vegetable garden and caused considerable amount of damage. When the Hodja came by and saw what the ox had done, he grabbed a stick and wanted to beat him but the animal escaped just in time to save his skin.

A few days later in the market place, the Hodja recognized the guilty party harnessed to a cart.

`The other day you ran away from my vegetable garden,’ he said, `but now you are cornered, you can’t break free.’ and started to beat the poor, ignorant creature. At that time the owner of the ox came running.

`Effendi! What are you doing?’ he screamed, `Why are you beating my ox, whatever did the innocent animal do to you?’

`Don’t you worry,’ Nasreddin Hodja replied, `he knows very well what he has done!’

Delinquent Ox – Mullah Nasruddin – Short Stories

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