Degree of Grievance

When Nasreddin Hodja’s wife died, he didn’t mourn for long, in fact he seemed to be indifferent. However, a few months later, when his donkey died, he was very upset. He cried for days and lamented its loss.

The villagers were curious. `Hodja Effendi, when your wife died, you didn’t grieve at all. But your donkey’s death shook you very deeply. You can’t seem to get over it. What’s the matter?’

`The night of my wife’s funeral, all the neighbours, friends, relatives, gathered in my house and said: `Don’t worry, Hodja Effendi, we’ll find you a younger, prettier bride, we’ll wed you again, there are many good women out there, you won’t be alone for long, we’ll get you a better wife.” Now, my donkey is dead, but nobody is telling me that they would get me a younger, better donkey.’

Degree of Grievance – Mullah Nasruddin Stories

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