Day of the Month

Every month of Ramadan, Nasreddin Hodja had the habit of putting a pebble in an earthenware jug each morning to mark the days of fasting. Whenever he wanted to know what day of Ramadan it was, he would take the pebbles out and count them.

However, one day his mischievous son saw his father’s jug in the kitchen and put two handfuls of pebbles in it.

A few days later, a friend stopped by to chat with Hodja. After some conversing, the topic came to Ramadan.

`Hodja Effendi, do you know what day of Ramadan it is today?’ asked the friend.

`Wait a minute,’ the Hodja said, `I have been marking them, I’ll look it up and tell you, exactly.’ Nasreddin Hodja went to the kitchen, took out all the pebbles from the jug and counted them. There were 149 pebbles. The Hodja knew this couldn’t be right.

When he came back to the sitting room, he told his friend that it was the 49th of Ramadan.

`Hodja Effendi,’ the friend was baffled, `it can’t be the 49th of Ramadan. That’s not possible!’

`My dear friend,’ the Hodja smiled, `you better believe me, because if you’d rather believe the jug, then today it is the 149th of Ramadan!’

Day of the Month – Mullah Nasruddin Stories

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