Once upon a time, there lived a poor Bhrahmin in a village. He used to perform poojas and hawans in the nearby villages.

Once another Bhrahmin came to his house and said, “I’ve to perform some pooja. Will you kindly allow me to stay in your house for a few days?”

The Bhrahmin gladly received him and allowed him to stay in his house.

One day, the Bhrahmin said to his wife, “Today is Sankranti. See that our Bhrahmin guest is fed well. A guest is equivalent to God. So be courteous to him.”


The Brahmin’s wife became angry to hear this and said, “It’s not enough to be courteous only. There must be something in the house to offer to the guest for eating. Unfortunately, I’ve nothing in my kitchen to offer.

Besides, you never made ornaments for me nor did you ever buy good clothes for me. Such is the situation in this house. And you ask me to take full care of your guest.”

She argued with the Bhrahmin but he kept his cool.

The Bhrahmin consoled his wife, “Dear, I know, we’re poor but even then we should offer some food to our guest. It’s more of the expression of our good feelings than the real food.”


Then the Brahmin’s wife said, “I’ve a little sesame seed in the house. I’ll make some dish of it and offer to the Bhrahmin guest.”

She prepared the sweet dish from the sesame seeds and offered it to the guest.

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