Commenting on Someone’s Quick Temper

Once a group of people sat in a house commenting on someone as being of good virtue except for two faults: First, he was quick- tempered. Second, he was impulsive.

At the time, this man happened to pass by the door and heard the comment. He entered the house, grabbed the man who had criticized him, and started to beat him.

Thereupon one bystander asked why he beat the man.

He replied, “When did I ever lose my temper or act impulsively? This man said: I often did so. That’s why I have beaten him.”

The bystander pointed out, “Your action at once demonstrates that you have often lost your temper and acted impulsively. Why do you still want to conceal your character from others?”

This man who resents to having his faults exposed, often leads people to lay all the blame for the stupidity and foolishness on him.

People, who are addicted to drinking and other debaucheries, when scolded by others,
strongly hate their critics in turn. Moreover, they try desperately to justify themselves by
bringing forward all sorts of excuses. Those men are just like that stupid man who disliked
hearing about his faults discussed.