Category: Ramayana – The Epic Story

Rāmāyana is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India and important text of Hinduism, the other being the Mahābhārata. The epic, traditionally ascribed to the Maharishi Valmiki, narrates the life of Rama, a legendary prince of Ayodhya city in the kingdom of Kosala.

Ram Returns to Ayodhya

Death of Ravana

Death of Indrajeet

Hanuman to the Rescue

Lakshman Seriously Injured

Indrajit Ties Up Rama and Lakshmana

Death of Khumbkaran

Day One of the Battle

Angad In Ravana’s Court

Mandodari Warns Ravana

Building of Ram Setu

Vibhishan Thrown Out by Ravan

The Burning of Lanka

Hanuman Meets Sita

Sita’s Search Begins