Category: Panchatantra Stories

The Panchatantra is a compilation of inter-woven series of tales in prose and poetry, mostly animal fables. It was compiled in Sanskrit (Hindu) and Pali (Bhuddhist). The compilation, attributed to Pandit Vishnu Sharma , is considered by most scholars to be dated around 3rd century BCE, and to be based on older oral civilization.

The Crows And The Serpent

The Cat, Partridge And The Hare

The Gold Giving Serpent

The Heron And The Crab

The Day Dreaming Priest

The Sage’s Daughter

The Moon Lake

The Bhrahmin And The Three Thugs

The Giant And The Helpless Bhrahmin

The Owls Became Enemies Of The Crows

The Trader Dantila And The Sweeper Gorambha

The King And The Parrots

Town Visit Of A Village Mouse

The Mongoose And The Baby In The Cradle

The Hermit And The Jumping Rat