The Burning of Lanka

Ravana was shocked and amazed to learn that Akshay Kumar had been killed and wondered about the power of the monkey who killed him. He sent his son Meghnad and told him not to kill the monkey but capture him and bring him to court so that he could see him and find out who had sent him.
Meghnad took a chariot and soldiers to confrontHanuman who was busy destroying the gardens. Meghnad challenged Hanuman and a fierce battle ensues. In spite of using all his strength, he could not overpower Hanuman. So he used the amogh Bramhpash, the noose that cannot miss its aim, towards Hanuman who gets caught in it.
As the noose belongs to Brahma, Hanuman respected it and did not break out of it, Meghnad dragged the captiveHanuman through the streets of Lanka as he lead him to Ravana. People thronged to view the vanara (monkey) who had destroyed Ashok Vatika (garden of Ashoka trees).
To Ravana, Hanuman introduced himself as a messenger of Rama. Enraged,Ravana ordered him to be killed at once. But, Vibheeshan, as a minister of court said that messengers couldn’t be killed. ThenRavana said that monkeys are very fond of their tails so we will tie rags around his tail and set it on fire after dipping it in oil. As they began wrapping cloth around his tail, Hanuman made his tail grow longer till in fact all the cloth in Lanka is used up. When his tail was set on fire, Hanuman took on a small form and jumped on the terrace of the royal palace. Then he set all the buildings on fire. There was chaos all over Lanka asHanuman set the entire city on fire. Then he returned to Sita in Ashok Vatika (garden of Ashoka trees). He asked Sita to give something that would indicate he had met her. Sita took off her Choodamani (armlet) and gave him and said if Rama does not come there in a month, she would kill herself.
Hanuman crossed the ocean again and rejoined his group and told them the tale of his burning of Lanka (Lanka dahan) with his tail. They were all happy and celebrated with a feast of fruits from Sugreeva’s orchard. Hanuman then bowed down before Rama and gave him Sita’s message and the choodamani (armlet). Shri Rama embraced him and said, “I will be indebted to you forever.”
Now Rama consulted with Sugreeva, Jambavat and others about the formation of the army. Soon the entire army led by Rama and Lakshmana was on their way southward. The huge army crossed mountains and valleys and a few days later, they reached the shore of the sea and set camp there. Now the problem was to decide how the entire army of monkeys and bears would cross the ocean. A consultation was held for the options.
The Burning of Lanka, Ramayana – The Epic Story

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