Bhrahmadatta, The Crab and The Snake

Once upon a time, there lived in a village, a youth by the name of Bhrahmadatta. One day, Bhrahmadatta had to go to some other town for some important business.

His mother called Bhrahmadatta and said to him, “My dear son, don’t travel alone. Better take a companion with you. He can help you, at least, when you are in trouble.”

But Bhrahmadatta said, “Mother, I am a young man. I can very well take care of myself. Besides, who do I take with me as companion?”

“I’ll manage a companion for you,” said Bhrahmadatta’s mother. She, somehow, fetched a crab and put it into Bhrahmadatta’s traveling bag. As Bhrahmadatta didn’t want to hurt his mother’s sentiments, he kept the crab into a camphor box and started on his long journey.

Bhrahmadatta, walked for days to reach the other town. He became tired and wanted to take a little rest before starting his journey again.

So, Bhrahmadatta lay under a huge banyan tree and soon went to sleep.

In the hollow of that banyan tree, there lived a snake. Seeing Bhrahmadatta fast asleep, the snake climbed down the tree and went near Bhrahmadatta’s traveling bag. The snake was attracted to the box of camphor, which was kept in the bag.

As soon as the snake entered the camphor box, the crab sitting inside caught hold of the snake’s neck and killed it.

When Bhrahmadatta woke up, he was surprised to find a dead snake lying beside him. Now he remembered his mother’s advice-Take a companion with you. Don’t travel alone.’

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