Bharat’s Journey to meet Ram


Bharata was asked to accept the throne with a coronation ceremony to install him as king of Ayodhya. But he declined and insisted that according to Suryavanshi code, only the eldest son could ascend the throne. Bharata said that my mother has sent Rama to the forest but I will now fetch him back after performing a Raj tilaka to crown him king. Everyone hailed his decision.

Bharata, Shatrughna, Guru Vashishtha, ministers, courtiers, senior citizens, the queens and kinsmen all set out to meet Rama in the forest and bring him back.

With his entourage Bharata reached Shrngaverapura, the City of Nishadraj Guha. At first Guha suspected Bharat’s motives. He wondered if after getting the throne, Bharata has come with some evil intentions for Rama. Guha planned to attack Bharata with his army. But an ill omen occurred and on the advice of a wise old man, he sent two spies to find out Bharata’s plans.When he learnt that Bharata was coming to persuade Rama to return as king, he befriended Bharata and took them towards the ashram where Rama stayed.

The entourage reached Bhardwaj’s ashram where the Sage welcomed Bharata , Shatrughna, Guru Vashishtha and others. They rested in the ashram for the night and next morning all of them set off towards Chitrakoot to meet Rama.

Bharat’s Journey to meet Ram, Ramayana – The Epic Story

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