Oh Betsy hide that starting tear,
That fain would speak distress;
A cherub’s aid will soon appear,
And make your sufferings less.

You say no pity you can crave,
For misery here below;
Then rest your hopes beyond the grave,
Where God great mercy show.

To every damsel in distress,
If penitents they prove;
He quickly make their sorrows less,
And send again his love.

The villian that betray’d in youth,
An artless maid astray;
Was stranger to the love of truth,
Or what the scriptures say.

An earthly guardian he was made,
By him that is no more;
He’ll find chastisement’s sharpen’d blade,
On him torments pour.

No retribution he can make,
While on this earth he crawls;
God will speedy vengance take,
When he the reptile calls.

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