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Karoly Takacs at Melbourne Olympics
Karoly Takacs at Melbourne Olympics

There lived a man serving his country in army with incredible shooting skills. He kept improving his skill practicing everyday. Everyone who knew his ability was sure he would win Gold in Olympics.
On a fateful day, the man lost his shooting arm when a grenade exploded accidentally. Everyone pitied him. They called him unfortunate. What is he without his shooting arm. But this man still wanted to win. He told himself that he lost just an arm, he has another which he would train to be the world’s best shooting arm. He started practicing and made the impossible possible. He restarted from scratch to become the world’s best shooter. He won Gold in Olympics not just once but twice later.
Now what if I say it’s not a motivational fiction but a real story of a normal human being like us. Yes, it is not a fiction. This is the life of Károly Takács.
Takács was born in Budapest and joined the Hungarian Army. By 1936, he was a world-class pistol shooter, but he was denied a place in the Hungarian shooting team for the 1936 Summer Olympics on the grounds that he was a sergeant, and only commissioned officers were allowed to compete. This prohibition was lifted in Hungary after the Berlin Games, and Takács had expectations of success at the 1940 Summer Olympics, scheduled to be held in Tokyo.

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During army training in 1938, his right hand was badly injured when a faulty grenade exploded. Takács was determined to continue his shooting career, and switched to shooting with his left hand. He practised in secret, surprising his countrymen when he won the Hungarian national pistol shooting championship in the spring of 1939. He also was a member of the Hungarian team that won the 1939 ISSF World Shooting Championships in the event. The Olympic Games scheduled for 1940 and 1944 were cancelled due to the Second World War, but Takács surprised the world by winning the gold medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, aged 38, beating the favourite, Argentine Carlos Enrique Díaz Sáenz Valiente, who was the reigning world champion, into second place, and setting a new world record.
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