Bearing A Grudge Against One Another

Once upon a time, there was an unhappy man who bore grudges against another man. He was asked: “Why are you so unhappy?”

He replied: “Somebody speaks ill of me. I don’t know how to do it. That’s why I’m so upset.” He was told, “Only with the Vetala incantation can you hurt him. However, there will be a drawback. That is to say, instead of your hurting him, you will suffer from your boom rang.”

Upon hearing these words, he cheered up and said, “Please show me the way. Even though I’ll hurt myself, I still would like to hurt him.”

So are the people at large.

Out of revenge, people seek the Vatala incantation to hurt others without realizing that to feel
anger and hatred is to get hurt themselves and fall into the Three Evil Paths of hells, beasts
and hungry ghosts. They are in no way different from the stupid man in this story.

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